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Bastard of Love feat. Nora Below


Music and Vocals by Tobi Margeaux feat Nora Below Vocals on the tracks FAST REACTION *Album Summer Destination

feat Nora Below Vocals on the track RELEASE, AUTOMATIC FUN on the Album Decadence Royale

With the “Summer Destination” EP the electro-wave project Bastards Of Love finally makes their debut on CD. After several vinyl releases to his credit Tobi Margaux arrives with brand new songs in advance of the forthcoming album “Decadance Royale”. “Summer Destination” holds 7 tracks of edgy electronic pop that spans a whole spectrum from harsher beats to emotional upbeat dance tracks. As if that wasn’t exciting enough, the EP also features guest vocals by the renowned PSYCHE singer Darrin Huss as well as BPITCH CONTROL recording artist Nora Below. Here are some serious artist collaborations to enjoy combining innovative club beats and dramatic vocals that refer to classic synthesizer Pop of the early 80′s while remaining current with the vibe of now. The combination of Bastards Of Love and Psyche on the remake of SOFT CELL’s dark classic “Martin” is pure maniacal majesty! Finally after the vinyl output on We Rock Like Crazy and Electronic Corporation, Bastards Of Love has begun blasting their analogue masterpieces direct to digital, and with this EP and following album are certain to appeal to new fans around the world. This is