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Nora Below Art Exhibitions in June 2013

Coming Up at 16.06.2013: Group Exhibition: Junge Kunst von Alten Künstlern: 48 Stunden Neukölln im Ostfriesland Berlin-Neukölln, Jonasstrasse 44

The exhibition »young Art from old Masters« shows an installation, vocals, performance and videoscreaning which combines different artists' positions. In the installation the different artworks relate, complement and contrast each other and an overarching images emerges. Also, the exhibition attempts to show that the concept of "Young Art" may not necessarily be defined by age and suggests to consider "Young Art" as a concept of innovation.


More Photos Soon!


Nora Below Solo Exhibition "I REMEMBER NOTHING"

06.06.2013 - 13.06.2013 

Opening 06.06.2013 at 19:00

in SIVA GALERIJA in Zagreb, Croatia