Music: Solo and Collaborations

Die Musikerin sitzt im Studio vor einem großen Mischpult

SOLO Nora Below is an electronic music producer and singer. In her New Wave / Electro Solo NORA BELOW (Bpitch Control, Bombboutique) she performs with synthesizers, Ren Gonko on bass, Katrin F. on drums, or with her stage-performer Strumpfmann, an artfigure all dressed in flesh colored nylons. See Livepictures and videos here:

COLLABORATIONS & BANDS She collaborates in S/HE (Sleepless Records) with Belgian Dirk Ivens, in STOP DISCO MAFIA (Proptronix) with German Ronald Gonko and in AUTOPANIK (Bombshelter) with Canadian Dave Rout, and participates as a vocalist in Tobi Margeauxs BASTARDS OF LOVE and in SYN.