Ronald Gonko aka Stop Disco Mafia veröffentlicht sein erstes Album auf Proptronix. Unter Mithilfe der Berliner Sängerin Nora Below und Einflüssen aus Residents, N.D.W. und Punk entstanden die 16 Songs, die irgendwo zwischen Punk, Electro und Hi-Tek-Funk liegen. Wer auf Mouse On Mars oder Blectum From Blechdom steht sollte „You Don´t Wanna Know“ unbedingt antesten.

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Stop Disco Mafia offer up an eclectic range of electronic and traditional styles woven together with a unique brand of insanity – frenetic beats mixed with rubbery melodies to mollify the nerdiest „idm“ listener – influenced by the Residents, n.d.w. and punk, parallels with Blectum from Blechdom and Mouse On Mars -strange and empowered vocal additions by berlin b-pitch performer Nora Below. Ronald hails from the mandolin orchestra Kapajkos which backed up Cobra Killer on their latest cd and here reveals his first full length record as Stop disco Mafia. He has already given us two titillating yet head scratching vinyl eps but now has assembled a masterful narrative album that could be mistaken for a soundtrack from a demented russian cartoon. There are some parallels with contemporaries – but this berliner’s sonic slapstick mayhem is undeniably unique. From his vocal chant chops to his hot potato beats there are always details to discover on further listens…and never has electronic music embodied a mousetrap of rube goldberg’s design so perfectly.