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Who Do You Love

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Sleepless Records Berlin
11/12/2016, Didier BECU

Dirk Ivens has no lack of inspiration. It is hard to keep track on the number of projects in which the Flemish electro pioneer is involved, and now S/HE is born. It is still unclear whether the cooperation between Nora Below and Dirk Ivens will be limited for this EP only. Anyway, the two musicians complement each other.

Dirk needs no introduction, perhaps Nora Below is less well known, an artist who released material on the Berlin based label Bpitch Control and who is also known for her artistic work.

Nora does the vocals and programming while Dirk is involved in taking care of the minimal electro sounds and backing vocals. Seven songs are on this EP, including the cover Who Do You Love, which earlier appeared on the compilation Deep. Sometimes it’s poppy (You Came Out Of Nowhere), sometimes a tad aggressive (Cracker which tends to Atari Teenage Riot) and in Golden Track Hollow we discover some melancholy in the electronic sounds. Yes, Dirk does it again…

Didier BECU

S/he – Who Do You Love? (EP CD)

s/he is the project of nora below and dirk ivens.

nora below known from her solowork released on the berlin based bpitch control label and projects like stop disco mafia and syn but also for her performances, paintings and comic magazines teamed up with dirk ivens who is already active for almost 4 decades in bands like dive / absolute body control / the klinik / sonar.

and together they bring you a mix of minimal trash electronics containing an outstanding version of the all time classic ‘who do you love’. digipak packaging

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